Tigerloop Plus Deaerator

Part Number: TL61101-P


  • Max Nozzle Capacity – 110lph
  • Max Return Oil Pumped In To The Tigerloop – 120lph
  • Max Flow – 230lph
  • Max De-Aerating Capacity – 8lph
  • Max Operating Temperature – 60°c
  • Max / Min Operating Pressure In The Feed Line – +0.5 to -0.6 Bar

In an oil heating system equipped with a Tigerloop Plus, every drop of oil undergoes thorough processing through the automatic oil de-aerator, efficiently eliminating any gas or air bubbles present in the system. This eradication of gas and air ensures the prevention of oil pump and nozzle malfunctions typically associated with their presence in the oil.

The Tigerloop Plus Deaerator is engineered to meet the highest demands for delivering clean, air-free oil. As the flagship model of the Tigerloop lineup, its intelligent, all-in-one configuration features a vacuum gauge for comprehensive control and effortless diagnostics, a shut-off valve for convenient servicing, and a Spin-on paper filter for robust filtration requirements. Notably, this unit boasts an exceptionally large filtration area of 1850 cm2 with a filtration grade of 20 microns.

The Tigerloop facilitates the implementation of a one-pipe system across various oil heating installations, thereby enhancing environmental safety, cost-effectiveness, and overall reliability.

For external mounting only. This device is not permitted for indoor installation as it vents contaminated air into its surrounding environment, this could create explosion or health hazards in confined spaces and therefore must be fitted on the outside wall of any premises. For situation where the boiler is not mounted to the perimeter wall, such as the Tigerloop BIO or the GOK GS2000 (see separate listings).

  • Nozzle Capacity (l/h) – 110
  • Oil Flow (l/h) – 230
  • Max return oil (l/h) – 120
  • De-aerating capacity (l/h) – 8
  • Max operating temp – 60ºc
  • Max/Min Pressure – +0.5/-0.6
  • Includes vacuum meter, shut-off valve and spin-on paper filter. 
  • Installation is done with fewer connections
  • Developed to meet the highest demands for cleaner air-free oil
  • Automatic de-aerator for oil burner
  • Pump & Tank Connection – 1/4″ F
  • Suitable fuels: Diesel, HVO diesel, Biodiesel

Installation instructions – DOWNLOAD HERE

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Tigerloop Plus Fitting Kit

Tigerloop Plus 20 Micron Replacement Filter (Part number: TL61101-PF)