Pedrollo CK Self Priming Liquid Ring Pump Range


  • Flow rate up to 50 L/min (3 m³/hr)
  • Dynamic head up to 51 m
  • High heads compared to power requirements
  • High tolerance of the presence of entrained air in the fluid to be pumped
  • Suction capacity up to 9 meters
  • Stable operating curves, characterized by small variations in delivery rates against large variations in pressure demand

These fuel transfer pumps are suitable for handling clean water not containing abrasive particles, and fluids which are not chemically aggressive to the pump components. The operating principle of CK pumps makes them suitable for all applications where a compact self-priming pump is required to deal with scarce or irregular flow rates. Correct operation is also ensured in problem cases:

  • When pumping volatile or foamy fluids including diesel oil
  • When handling liquids mixed with gas
  • To absolutely guarantee priming or protect against dropout

These pumps should be installed in a covered area, protected against the weather.

    • Flow rate up to 50 L/min (3 m³/hr)
    • Dynamic head up to 51 m
  • Temperature (min/max) -10 °C to +90 °C
  • Ambient temperature (max) +40 °C
  • Manometric suction lift up to 9m
  • Max. working pressure – 6 bar
  • Continuous service S1
  •  CK50-BP
  • CK90-E 
  • CK80-E
  •  CK50