Groz Water/Particulate Block Fuel Tank Filter

Part Number: GFH3579xx


  • Connection size – 1″ BSP Threaded
  • Suitable for – Diesel, Bio Diesel, Petrol & Kerosene
  • Replacement Elements Available – Particulate Only Element or Water + Particulate Element 
  • Dimensions – 9.5″ Height + 4″ Diameter

A Groz Fuel Tank Filter to suit different types of fuels in agricultural & industrial applications.

Durable & lightweight design for easy installation on mobile & stationary fuel tanks and on gasoline & diesel fuel pumps.

A transparent polycarbonate bowl provides a visual aid to inspection the filter and a water-drain plug is provided in order to release any water that settles in the bottom of the bowl.

This fuel tank filter comes complete with a water-block 10-micron element and a replacement water block & particulate filter element is available, also is a 10-micron particulate only version.

The water block filter element is impregnated with a water-absorbing polymer that absorbs and traps any water that comes into contact with it.

Suitable for use with most fuels, including Diesel, Bio-diesel, Petrol, and Kerosene.

Specification Sheet – DOWNLOAD HERE

We offer individual parts for the Groz filter including:

  • Replacement Bowl
  • Spare Gasket
  • Water block filter element (Part number: GFH3579-W-ELMNTs)
  • Particulate only filter element (Part number: GFH3579-P-ELEMNT-)

We also offer service kits for the Groz filter:

  • Water block kit (part number: GFH-FWG-KIT-W)
  • Particulate only kit (part number: GFH-FWG-KIT-P)