FMT Tank Installers Kit

Part Number: P8-65001A


  • Ready and easy to use to transfer fuel from one tank to another
  • Various pump voltages to suit your application
  • Includes 10m of 1″ hose

Designed by us here at Atkinson Equipment, this tank installers transfer kit is designed for transferring fuel from one tank to the other. With various pump options available this can be tailored to suit your application.

The German manufactured FMT Swiss AG pumps have very small tolerances which provide for a most efficient suction and delivery performance.

  • FMT Pump (voltage of choice)
  • 1x 5 mtr 1″ hose fitted with cam couplings
  • 1x 10mtr 1″ hose fitted with cam couplings and a y-strainer (filter)
  • 1x dust cap for hoses
  • 1x dust plugs for hoses
  • 12v DC – 35lpm (Battery c/w Crocodile Clips)
  • 12v – 60lpm (Battery c/w Crocodile Clips)
  • 110v – 60lpm (Mains)
  • 230v – 60lpm (Mains)
  • 230v – 100lpm (Mains)