FMT Portable Fuel Transfer Pump Kit – Various Voltages

Part Number: P-23-012Kit


  • Ready and easy to use portable refuelling kit 
  • Various pump voltages to suit your application
  • Includes 4.6m of 3/4″ hose
  • Manual nozzle

Designed by us here at Atkinson Equipment, this portable diesel transfer kit is designed as a ready to use portable refuelling pump solution for diesel dispensing from drums or small tanks to refuel vehicles. In some applications like constructions sites, agriculture or boats, a battery powered pump is the only option. This FMT Swiss AG kit has a choice of voltages to suit your application.

The German manufactured FMT pumps have very small tolerances which provide for a most efficient suction and delivery performance.

  • FMT Pump (voltage of choice)
  • 4.6M 3/4″ single piece of hose so that the choice of the length of the supply and delivery on each side of the pump is left up to you. Cut according to your own application.
  • Manual Nozzle – 60lpm
  • All fittings included: swivel, integral bypass, non-return valve, strainer, jubilee clips, hose tails & PTFE tape
  • 12v DC – 35lpm (Battery c/w Crocodile Clips)
  • 110v – 60lpm (Mains)
  • 230v – 60lpm (Mains)
  • 230v – 100lpm (Mains)