FMT 110V-60lpm

FMT 230V Diesel Transfer Vane Pump

Part Number: P-23-430


  • Connecting cable – Length: 2m
  • Connection inlet/outlet – 1” female
  • Pump design – vane pump, self priming
  • Max Pressure – 2.2 Bar
  • Suction height – 5m

A top quality, Swiss-made sliding-vane pump by FMT, designed for use with diesel and other products which are not aggressive to the pumps component materials. Due to their unsurpassed reliability on continuous duty operations, these can also be used as process pumps.

  • First class construction of electric machines and pumps
  • Designed for a long service life
  • Encapsulation of the electric motor, which, in case of extreme temperature fluctuations, largely prevents the formation of condensed water and of short-circuits resulting thereof
  • Motor and switch case made of shock resistant, die-cast aluminium
  • Continuous operation – a real endurance runner
  • Suction height: 5m
  • Small tolerances provide a high suction- and pressure performance
  • Pump case freely positionable in all 90° positions

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FMT 230V – 60lpm Diesel Transfer Vane Pump (Part number: P-23-430)

FMT 230V – 100lpm Diesel Transfer Vane Pump (Part number: P-23-433)