Goldenrod Water Block/Particulate Fuel Tank Filter

Part Number: GFH3590


  • 10 Micron Particulate Filter Element
  • Maximum flow rate of 95 Ltrs Per Min
  • 1” F BSP Inlet/Outlet
  • Includes 1 x filter head and 1 x filter element
  • Suitable with fuels: Diesel, Bio Diesel, Petrol & Kerosene

Important note: These are genuine Golden Rod Filters & Elements and are not ‘grey imports/forgeries’

We offer 2 different models of the Golden Rod filters – Particulate Only and Water Block. 

Our Particulate Only Filter is for removing microscopic particles (10 microns) of rust, sand, dirt, scale and lint. 366 sq. inches of filter surface for efficient action. Unit works well by itself where water is not a problem, or in combination with the water block fuel filter for added protection from water in the fuel. 9 1⁄2″ high x 4″ diameter. Our Water Block filter is for removing water from gasoline and diesel fuel.

A replacement particulate filter element is available for the particulate only version. Suitable for use with most fuels, including Diesel, Bio-diesel, Petrol and Kerosene.

As an alternative cheaper option we also offer an economy version.

Specification Sheet – DOWNLOAD HERE

  • Goldenrod Particulate Fuel Tank Filter 495 (Part number:
  • Goldenrod Water Block Fuel Tank Filter 496 (Part number: GFH3578-W)
  • Individual filter replacements are available