ZVA 25 High Speed Fuel Nozzle – ATEX Approved

Part Number: M3702-25-4.1


  • Automatic Fuel Nozzle
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 140ltr Per Min
  • Maximum Pressure
  • ATEX, EN13012 and TUV-SUD Approved
  • Supplied with 1” F BSP Swivel
  • Suitable for Diesel, Petrol and Biodiesel up to B5

ZVA stands out as the premier brand in the UK market, dominating most forecourts with their superior nozzles. Ideal for rapid refuelling of light vehicles, their high-speed model boasts a maximum flow rate of up to 140lpm.

Manufactured for durability, these nozzles feature a stainless steel spout and a robust no. 4 nozzle guard to withstand wear and tear. Equipped with a sensor in the spout, they automatically shut off when the fuel tank reaches capacity, preventing overfill and potential spills.

Specification Sheet – DOWNLOAD HERE