Dispensing Nozzles

Dispensing nozzles are essential tools for efficiently and safely transferring fuel or other substances such as AdBlue from storage tanks to vehicles or other containers. Our nozzles come in various types, including manual and automatic models, each designed to meet specific needs. Equipped with features like shut-off valves, flow control mechanisms, and safety triggers, they ensure precise and controlled fuel delivery, minimizing spills and maximizing safety. 

Manual Nozzles

Manual dispensing nozzles are simple yet effective tools used for transferring liquids. Operated by hand, these nozzles offer users direct control over the flow rate and volume of the dispensed liquid. Manual dispensing nozzles are commonly used in various applications, including refuelling vehicles, filling portable containers, or transferring fluids in industrial settings. 

Automatic Nozzles

Automatic dispensing nozzles are sophisticated tools designed for precise and hands-free liquid transfer. Unlike manual nozzles, automatic nozzles feature built-in mechanisms that control the flow rate and shut off the flow when a predetermined amount of liquid has been dispensed or when a tank reaches full capacity. Automatic dispensing nozzles are favoured for their convenience, efficiency, and enhanced safety features, making them ideal for use in busy refuelling stations, industrial applications, or any scenario where precise liquid dispensing is essential.

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