Fire Valve

Designed and manufactured to eliminate nuisance trips

3/8" & 1/2" BSP Female

Liquid Filled Capillary

OFTEC Approved

1.5m - 35m Capillary length (depends on model)

How does it Work?

Liquid-filled Capillary

to offer more reliability in all weathers than gas-filled products.

1/2" & 3/8" Available

The widest range of pipe connections and capillary lengths on the market.

OFTEC Approved

An official OFTEC approved product.

Temperature Ranges

66°C to 72°C and 86°C to 95°C

Installation Example

Other Features

The ‘TFV’ Fuelstop Capillary Fire Valve sets a new standard in fire valve technology as the pioneer capillary-operated valve featuring an integrated shut-off function within its reset mechanism. Choose from a range of capillary lengths, including options at 72 degrees and 95 degrees, ensuring versatility to suit diverse needs.

All TFV fire valves are suitable for use with Class C and D fuels as well as LPG, and provide automatic shut off in the event of an overheat within a fuel burning appliance and fail safe shut off in the event of capillary or sensor failure.

Made by Fuelstop, which is owned by us here at Atkinson Equipment, is arguably the best quality Fire Valve in existence today… and its British made! Fluid filled capillary and bellows means that it is more responsive (than other air filled capillary and bellows on the market). We can therefore set the trip mechanism with more tolerance (this does not have to be set on a hair trigger), which results in zero nuisance tripping and within a tighter trip range.

Spares Available

  • Fire Valve Test Unit – universal test unit for fire valves designed specifically for service engineers.
  • Capillary Fire Valve Bracket – secure means of mounting any Fuelstop Capillary Fire Valve Body to any surface
Fire Valve Test Unit
Fire Valve Bracket

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