Atkinson Push
Button Sight Gauge

One of the most popular contents gauge 

1/2, 3/4″ or 1″ connection sizes

4ft 6″ to 10ft sight gauge height

Manufactured by us, in the UK

How does it Work?

A sight gauge is a small tube that is connected at the bottom of the tank inline with the feed pipe. The tube runs up the side of the tank and is clear, usually with a float inside. The bottom of the gauge will normally have a “pull to read” button or a push button. When this is operated the valve opens and allows fuel to travel up the tube. Due to the gravitational effect, the fuel in the tube will level out at the same level of the fuel inside the tank.

4ft 6″ to 10ft Sizes

Oil tanks come in different shapes and sizes, we cater to this by having various sizes available to suit your situation.

1/2, 3/4″ or 1″ BSP

Like the height, the connections also vary on oil tanks. This is why we offer the three main sizes to cover all installations.

Push Button Gauge

An instant visual inspection of the oil level in your heating oil tank, its as easy as 'push the button'!

Non Return Valve

The included non return valve helps maintain the head of fuel once it has been initially primed.

Other Features

The most popular push button sight gauge ever produced for the visual inspection of a tank’s contents.

Produced to BS799 and featuring a push-to-read button that isolates flow into the tube when released, these gauges are not only popular for use with oil tanks, but also for use with rainwater tanks, and other products that are not chemically aggressive to the gauges component materials (not WRAS approved for use with drinking water).

Complete with Standoff Clip for attaching to the top of the tank

The supporting shield on 4ft 6in & 5ft models are UPVC and on 6ft+ models are Aluminium

Made by us in the UK

Tip: Sight Gauges should not be fitted to bunded tanks; however, they may be used on any single skinned tank or in any area that is protected by a bund.

Tip: Always fit a gate valve to isolate the flow between the tank and the gauge in case you ever have to remove this for maintenance, etc.

Gauge Sizes


(1370mm) 4ft 6” x ½” Sight Gauge UPVC



(1520mm) 5ft x ½” Sight Gauge UPVCSG1551
(1830mm) 6ft x ½” Sight Gauge ALUSG1552
(2440mm) 8ft x ½” Sight Gauge ALUSG1554
(3050mm) 10ft x ½” Sight Gauge ALUSG1556
(1370mm) 4ft 6” x ¾” Sight Gauge UPVCSG1557
(1520mm) 5ft x ¾” Sight Gauge UPVCSG1558
(1830mm) 6ft x ¾” Sight Gauge ALUSG1559
(2440mm) 8ft x ¾” Sight Gauge ALUSG1561
(3050mm) 10ft x ¾” Sight Gauge ALUSG1562
(1370mm) 4ft 6” x 1” Sight Gauge UPVCSG1564
(1520mm) 5ft x 1” Sight Gauge UPVCSG1565
(1830mm) 6ft x 1” Sight Gauge ALUSG1566
(2440mm) 8ft x 1” Sight Gauge ALUSG1568
(3050mm) 10ft x 1” Sight Gauge ALUSG1570

Support Articles

Product Support

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Spares Available

Valve and Nipple for the Push Button Sight Gauge. Screws directly into the Union (Various sizes available – see separate item unions).

Spring Loaded Push Button Valve automatically defaults to the closed position.

1/2” Push Button Sight Gauge Union c/w Nut – SG1195/96

3/4” Push Button Sight Gauge Union c/w Nut – SG1200/02

1” Push Button Sight Gauge Union c/w Nut – SG1210-12

Push Button Sight Gauge Valve + Nipple – PB5290