Fuel Box

‘All in one’ fuel dispensing unit

How does it Work?

3 Year Warranty

On pump and flowmeter (except serviceable parts)

Manufactured in the UK

Made here by us, Atkinson Equipment

'All in one' diesel dispensing unit

Comes with 4m delivery hose and auto shut off nozzle

All spares available

Individual parts are available to purchase

Other Features

Leading the way into the world of Top Offtake, with the worlds first draw top off device with all the necessary features and functions to responsibly draw oil from the top of the tank

Assembled in the UK by Atkinson Equipment, the Atkinson Fuel Box is an ‘all in one’ diesel dispensing unit. Designed specifically for seamless connection to remotely located fuel storage tanks, making it a perfect solution for a wide range of applications.

Encased in a robust cube-shaped box, the Atkinson Fuel Box houses a FMT Swiss AG self-priming 60 lpm pump, ensuring efficient and consistent fuel dispensing. Backed by a generous 3-year warranty on the pump and flowmeter (except serviceable parts), you can trust in its durability and performance.

Equipped with a quality fuel flow meter featuring a resettable batch totaliser, you’ll have precise control over fuel usage and monitoring. Also included is a durable 4 metre fuel delivery hose resistant to both Diesel, along with an automatic shut-off nozzle (with swivel) for added safety and convenience.

One of the standout features of the Atkinson Fuel Box is its pump activation mechanism. Simply lift the nozzle, and the pump springs into action automatically. Once you’re done, returning the nozzle to the holster triggers the pump to automatically shut off, streamlining the fuelling process.

Available in a variety of configurations including 230V, 110V, 24V, and 12V options, the Fuel Box caters to diverse power requirements, ensuring compatibility with your setup.

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