Submersible Low Voltage Pump

Part Number: SUBX33


  • Used to pump small volumes of liquid from one tank to the other
  • Suitable for diesel, kerosene & water
  • Body size is 140mm x 40mm

The submersible low voltage pump is suitable for Diesel, Kerosene and Heating Oil, Water.

This submersible/inline pump, with its maximum flow rate of 18L/minute, is perfectly suited for various tasks, including removing water from the bottom of a heating oil tank. These sleek slimline pumps excel not only in marine equipment wash-downs but also in transferring water between areas. Designed for versatility, the submersible pumps are ideal for intermittent, light-duty applications, making them a reliable choice for a range of task.

Flow Rate – 0-18lpm

  • Input supply is 12V at 5A
  • Maximum working pressure is 1bar
  • Maximum fluid temperature is 80°C
  • Quick diesel transfer with no spillage
  • Bust, slim line with clip on easily cleaned filter
  • Used by construction equipment
  • Suitable for fresh water, sea water and diesel
  • Nylon body and pump
  • Intermittent light duty

Specification Sheet – DOWNLOAD HERE