Kolor Kut Water Finding Paste

Part Number: WFP-1000


  • 3oz Tube
  • Instant detection of all fluids other than fuel
  • For use with diesel, kerosene, oil and petrol
  • No expiry date

The Kolor Kut Water Finding Paste serves as a valuable aid in detecting water within your fuel tank.

Applied onto a rod or length of string with a bottom weight, this brown paste transforms into a vivid red hue upon contact with water, offering a clear visual indication of its presence and depth. Subsequently, the water can be pumped out, and the process can be repeated until minimal water remains, at which point one of our Tank Dryers can be employed to absorb any residual moisture.

For the initial removal of most of the water, we recommend utilising a simple self-priming waste oil/water pump, such as our Drill Powered Flexible Impellor Pump, along with a 1/2″ hose (same size as a garden hose), before employing the absorption media as outlined above.

Specification Sheet – DOWNLOAD HERE