Heating Oil Tank Water Removal Kit

Part Number: WRK-**


  • Water Trap Filter with 100 Micron Stainless Steel Element
  • 12v Submersible Pump
  • Kolor Kut Water Finding Paste
  • Tank Sponge – 1L Capacity

If you have water in your heating oil tank this can cause several detrimental problems for your oil fired heating system including:

1. Water can enter the heating system instead of the fuel and cause damage to the burner or boiler.

2. Water can increase the growth of bacteria and as a result promote tank sludge.

3. The presence of water will rapidly increase rusting of a metal tank and metal components in the heating system.

4. Water can freeze in the tank which can then cause the fuel to degrade, also the possibility of water freezing in the pipeline blocking flow to the heating system.

We now offer a complete solution to water removal from a heating oil storage tank.

Kolor Cut Water Finding Paste – This paste is designed to change colour when in contact with water. This is used on a dip stick that you dip into your tank to find out the level of water that is residing in the bottom of your tank.

The Tank Sponge – This is a polymer filled sock that can be placed into your tank on the end of a handy recovery string, this polymer will soak up the water only from all types of heating oil. The tank sponge has a capacity of 1L

Inline Water Trap Filter – An inline water separating filter with a clear bowl and a drain tap, to allow you to see and drain off any excess water in the system. 3/8″ inline filter with a 100 micron stainless steel filter element.

Amazon Submersible Pump – A 12v submersible pump easily connected to a standard garden hose and dropped into the tank to pump out the water from the bottom of your tank.

Based on the severity of the problem please choose your kit:

Mini Kit Includes (Part number: WRK-1000) – 3oz tube of water finding paste, 1L tank sponge

Standard Kit Includes (Part number: WRK-2000) – 3oz tube of water finding paste, 1L tank sponge, Inline water Trap Filter

Maxi Kit Includes (Part number: WRK-3000) – 3oz tube of water finding paste, 1L tank sponge, Inline water trap filter + submersible 12v pump