Locking Filler Cap

Part Number: AFC1000-L-R


  • British made valve reducing stock availability issues
  • 2″ Threaded outlet

This cap provides double security for your oil storage tank’s filler point. Here’s how it works:

Built to Last:

  • Strong aluminum construction: The cap itself is built from durable aluminum for long-lasting use.
  • Hardened steel locking elbow: The elbow joint, where the padlock attaches, is made from hardened steel for added security.
  • Brass shear screw: A one-time-use brass screw secures the locking ring.

Easy Installation:

  1. Screw on the locking ring first: Thread the ring onto your tank’s 2-inch threaded outlet.
  2. Don’t tighten the shear screw yet: Leave it loose for now.
  3. Attach the cap and align the locking tab: Screw on the cap and ensure the tab on the elbow lines up with the designated slot on the cap.
  4. Secure with a padlock (not included): Put your padlock through the aligned tab and shackle hole.
  5. Tighten the shear screw: Firmly tighten the screw until the head snaps off. This secures the locking ring in place, preventing removal without breaking the screw.

Important Note: The padlock is not included with this product. Choose a padlock that fits the shackle hole size and suits your security needs.

  • British made valve reducing stock availability issues
  • 2″ threaded outlet