Remote Offset Fill Point

Part Number: BVP-5100


  • For use when direct access to tank is not possible
  • Hose tail or threaded versions available
  • 2″ BSP Connection

Available with 2″ hose tail connection or 2″ male threaded connection according to whether you are fitting this to hose or iron pipework.

The pictures shows this with a 2″ hose tail; however, it is more common to use a 2″ threaded connection and connect this to iron pipework. 

Comprises a non-return valve; ball valve; mounting bracket; elbow; polypropylene cap with chain; and appropriate 2″ connector.  All joints are made and tested for leaks here in Westbury, UK.

  • Remote Offset Fill Point – 2″ Threaded (Part number: BVP-5100)
  • Remote Offset Fill Point – 2″ Hose Tail (Part number: BVP-5101)