Inpro OUF 88 Oil Lifter – 3L Reservoir

Part Number: OL-3L


  • ‘Auto’ fill on initial priming of the unit. PCB surge protector
  • Diagnostic flashing lights show if an alarm condition occurs

The Heating Oil Up Lifter Pump is utilised to maintain a consistent oil supply above the burner, ensuring a gravity-fed flow, this incorporates an integrated pump and micro switches. These switches activate when the oil reservoir reaches low levels, prompting the pump to replenish the supply, and automatically deactivate once the reservoir is full.

With a maximum lift capability of 8 meters and a reach of up to 100 meters to the oil tanks, this system offers reliable performance over varied distances.

Additionally, oil lifters can be equipped with a leak detection tray, which halts the pump operation in the event of a leak, preventing further depletion and refilling of the reservoir.

Installation options include both indoor and outdoor settings. For indoor placement, it’s recommended to position the unit within a ventilated, firewalled area. When installing outdoors, a weatherproof enclosure is necessary, as the unit is not IP rated.

  • Maximum Lift Height: 8 Meters (using 8mm ID pipe)
  • Maximum Horizontal Run: 100mm (using 8mm ID pipe)
  • Outlet Flowrate: 15lph based on 5m vertical head & 25m horizontal
  • Inlet & Outlet Connection: 3/8″ BSP Female
  • Overflow Outlet Connection: 1/2″ BSP Female
  • Voltage: 230v
  • 50w
  • Reservoir Total Capacity: 3.5 litres
  • Dimensions: 240 x 125 x 300mm
  • Fuel Type: Kerosene & Diesel Oil

Installation Instructions – DOWNLOAD HERE

Specification Sheet – DOWNLOAD HERE


Oil Lifter Spares 

Spares include:

  • Drip Tray ONLY for 3L Oil Lifter
  • Weatherproof Box ONLY for 3L Oil Lifter fitted with Drip Tray (600mm x 400mm x 230mm)
  • PCB Circuit Board for OUF-88 & MAXI (3L & 12L) Versions
  • OUF-88 Leak Detector PCB Board
  • Stainless Steel Float for OUF-88 & MAXI Versions
  • Probe and Stainless Steel Float Assemble for OUF-88 & MAXI Versions
  • Pump and Motor for OUF-88 Oil Lifter – Includes; Pump, Motor, Pipe, Clips

Weatherproof Boxes for Oil Lifters – IP Rated