Inpro OUF 88 Maxi Oil Lifter – 12L Reservoir

Part Number: OL-12L


  • ‘Auto’ fill on initial priming of the unit. PCB surge protector
  • Diagnostic flashing lights show if an alarm condition occurs
  • Optional leak detector & drip tray available

The Inpro OL-12L Oil Up Feeder is designed to maintain a consistent oil level above the burner, ensuring a steady gravity-fed supply. Equipped with an integrated pump and micro switches, it automatically calls for oil when the reservoir reaches low levels and shuts off when full.

With a maximum lift capacity of 8 meters and a reach of up to 100 meters to the oil tanks, this feeder offers reliable performance over various distances. Additionally, it can be fitted with a leak detection tray, which prevents the pump from operating in case of a detected leak, thus safeguarding the reservoir from depletion and refilling.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation, when placed indoors, it should be situated in a firewalled, ventilated area. If installed outdoors, it requires a weatherproof enclosure, as it is not IP rated, which we provide

Please note: For configurations with a 12-liter Oil Lifter and leak detection tray, the standard box may not suffice. Kindly contact us for a quote on a suitable box for this setup.

  • Max Lift Height: 8 meters (using 8mm ID pipe)
  • Max Horizontal Run: 100mm (using 8mm ID pipe)
  • Outlet Flowrate: 15lph based on 5m vertical & 25m horizontal
  • Inlet & Outlet Connection: 3/8″ BSP Female
  • Overflow Outlet Connection: 1/2″ BSP Female
  • Voltage: 230v
  • Power Consumption: 50w
  • Reservoir Total Capacity: 12 Litre
  • Dimensions: 350 x 225 x 345mm
  • Fuel Type: Kerosene & Diesel Oil

Installation Instructions – DOWNLOAD HERE

Specification Sheet – DOWNLOAD HERE

Oil Lifter Spares

Spares include:

  • Drip Tray ONLY for 12L Oil Lifter
  • Weatherproof Box ONLY for 12L Oil Lifter fitted with Drip Tray (800mm x 600mm x 300mm)
  • PCB Circuit Board for OUF-88 & MAXI (3L & 12L) Versions
  • OUF-88 Leak Detector PCB Board
  • Stainless Steel Float for OUF-88 & MAXI Versions
  • Probe and Stainless Steel Float Assemble for OUF-88 & MAXI Versions
  • Pump and Motor for OUF-88 Oil Lifter – Includes; Pump, Motor, Pipe, Clips

Weatherproof Boxes for Oil Lifters – IP Rated