Atkinson Three-Way Filter Valve

Part Number: AFV-1003


  • Connect more than one appliance to your oil line
  • 3 outlet ports from your oil tank
  • Blanking plugs supplied
  • Service kit available

This has three outlets, one either side of the body (not shown in picture) thus exiting at right angles to the tank, one to the left and one to the right.  These outlets can be utilised using the two standard 3/8″ x 10mm compression fittings (one supplied) or either one of these can be closed off using the 3/8″ BSP blanking plug supplied.

The latest design from Atkinson Equipment, featuring an isolation valve, 52 micron nylon filter element, 1″ BSP male tank-fitting adaptor, and a back nut to lock the filter in the correct orientation once the adaptor has been tightened.

The outlets are 3/8″ BSP Female and this comes supplied with 1 x  3/8″ BSP Male to 10mm compression fittings and two blanking plug as standard (in case only one outlet is used).

Comes c/w a roll of PTFE tape for the tank connection

  • Includes: 52 Micron Replaceable Nylon Element, Isolation valve, PTFE Tape, 1″ BSP connection size

Fitting Instructions – DOWNLOAD HERE

Specification Sheet – DOWNLOAD HERE

Service Kit Available (Part number: TM4660F)