Inline Filters for Heating Oil

We offer a wide variety of inline filters to keep your heating oil free of impurities, ensuring your system runs smoothly. We have filter elements in stainless steel, plastic, and paper to suit different needs and pipe sizes (typically 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″, or 1″).

Protect Your System During Maintenance:

Our Giuliani Anello inline filters are ideal for large-volume fuel transfers, like when cleaning or replacing your storage tank. They trap impurities, keeping your heating oil in top condition.

Stop Dirt and Water in Their Tracks:

For everyday protection, consider our bowl filters. They capture fine particles and address water buildup caused by condensation in your tank. The clear plastic bowl lets you easily see and drain any accumulated water.

Double Defense Against Water:

Our water separating oil filters act like water traps, continuously monitoring and removing water from your fuel system. These filters also have transparent bowls for easy monitoring. They’re another great option for combating water issues.

Combination Filter Valves: Consider Adding More Protection

While some new heating oil tanks come with a combination filter valve (combining a filter and shut-off valve), we recommend adding a separate shut-off valve for extra control over your fuel line.

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