Tigerloop Combi Deaerator

Part Number: TL61101-C


  • Max Nozzle Capacity – 110lph
  • Max Return Oil Pumped In To The Tigerloop – 120lph
  • Max Flow – 230lph
  • Max De-Aerating Capacity – 8lph
  • Max Operating Temperature – 60°c
  • Max / Min Operating Pressure In The Feed Line – +0.5 to -0.6 Bar

Resembling the fundamental Tigerloop Original, the upgraded version – Combi – incorporates a disposable 15 Micron Particulate Filter.

Additionally, the newly designed Tigerloop Combi Bio 3 is equipped with a control valve, and an optional integrated vacuum gauge is available for comprehensive control and simplified diagnostics. Upon purchase, please specify the desired option: Combi Bio (with control valve only) or Combi Bio +G (including both control valve and vacuum gauge).

The Tigerloop enables the implementation of a one-pipe system in various oil heating setups, promoting environmental safety, cost efficiency, and reliability.

  • Nozzle Capacity (l/h) – 110
  • Oil Flow (l/h) – 230
  • Max return oil (l/h) – 120
  • De-aerating capacity (l/h) – 8
  • Max operating temp – 60ºc
  • Max/Min Pressure – +0.5/-0.6
  • 15 Micron Disposable Element
  • Pump Connection – 1/4″ F BSP
  • Tank Connection – 3/8″ F BSP
  • Kerosene and Oil

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Tigerloop Combi Deaerator With Vacuum Gauge (Part number: TL61101-CG)

Fitting Kit For External Installation (Part number: TL6052)

Spare 50-70 Micron Filter (Part number: TL61101-F)

Replacement O-Ring (Part number: PTF1050)