Tigerloop Bio Deaerator

Part Number: TL7000


  • Max Nozzle Capacity – 110lph
  • Max Return Oil Pumped In To The Tigerloop – 120lph
  • Max Flow – 230lph
  • Max De-Aerating Capacity – 8lph
  • Max Operating Temperature – 60°c
  • Max / Min Operating Pressure In The Feed Line – +0.5 to -0.6 Bar

A deaerator offering all the advantages of the Tigerloop Original, designed for internal installation.

By incorporating a straightforward 10mm vent pipe, air extraction is facilitated, directing it safely outside. This ensures that only clean oil reaches the burner.

Compatible with both Bio Oil and Mineral Oil (meeting standard specifications).

Efficient De-aeration: In an oil heating system equipped with a Tigerloop, all oil undergoes automatic de-aeration, effectively eliminating any gas or air bubbles within the system. This eradicates issues related to oil pump and nozzle malfunction caused by air presence in the oil.

Optimised Two-Pipe Circulation: Traditionally, an oil pump dispenses a consistent volume of oil regardless of actual combustion requirements. Typically, only a small fraction (5%) of the delivered oil is utilised for combustion in standard domestic burners, with the remaining 95% circulated back to the oil tank via a two-pipe system. However, with a Tigerloop automatic oil de-aerator, there’s no need to return oil to the tank. Unburned oil is directed back to the Tigerloop for continuous de-aeration, ensuring that only the necessary oil for combustion is drawn from the tank.

Preheated Oil: Incorporating a Tigerloop in a one-pipe system enhances oil pump efficiency and, importantly, preheats the oil to at least room temperature through frictional heat generated in the pump. This eradicates issues associated with cold oil, promoting cleaner combustion and reducing oil consumption.

Minimised Dirt and Sludge: Due to the minimal oil flow in a one-pipe system—drawing only the required amount of oil for combustion from the tank—there’s limited transportation of dirt and sludge from the oil tank. Consequently, the risk of clogged oil filters and burner nozzles is reduced. Moreover, enhanced filtration, reduced soot buildup, and extended filter life are achieved.

  • Nozzle Capacity (l/h) – 110
  • Oil Flow (l/h) – 230
  • Max return oil (l/h) – 120
  • De-aerating capacity (l/h) – 8
  • Max operating temp – 60ºc
  • Max/Min Pressure – +0.5/-0.6
  • 15 Micron Disposable Element
  • Pump Connection – 1/4″ F BSP
  • Tank Connection – 3/8″ F BSP
  • Kerosene and Oil

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Tigerloop Bio Fitting Kit (Part number: TL6051)

We offer a fitting kit tailored for the Tigerloop Deaerator range, containing all essential components required for seamless internal installation onto your boiler and oil feed line. This kit comprises of two steel braided flexible oil lines, an isolation valve, compression fittings, nuts, olives, and pipe inserts.