Tigerloop Bio Combi Deaerator

Part Number: TL7000-C


  • Integrated filter and optional vacuum gauge
  • Installation is done with fewer connections
  • Developed for Biofuel (bio-liquids) 
  • Automatic de-aerator for oil burner
  • Maximum operating temperature of 60ºc

Tigerloop Bio Combi: Advanced Fuel De-aeration and Filtration System

The Tigerloop Bio Combi is designed for use with biofuels (bio-liquids) compliant with EN 14213, as well as heating oil and C2 kerosene. It also supports blends up to B100. This innovative system offers several key advantages, particularly due to its integrated filter, which allows for the selection of different filter inserts based on specific requirements. The installation process is streamlined with fewer connections, simplifying the setup and reducing the risk of leaks.

Key Features and Benefits:

Effective De-aeration: The Tigerloop Bio Combi automatically and continuously de-aerates the fuel by venting air and gas bubbles to the atmosphere. This process ensures that no air or gas bubbles, which can form during the suction of oil from the tank, enter the burner. This proven method of de-aeration guarantees optimal efficiency for the heating system.

Enhanced Filtration: The integrated filter system in the Tigerloop Bio Combi allows for customisable filtration, depending on the specific needs of the installation. This flexibility ensures that the system remains clean and efficient, extending the life of the filter and reducing maintenance requirements.

One-Pipe System Capability: The Tigerloop Bio Combi enables the use of a one-pipe system for all types of oil heating installations. This not only improves environmental safety but also enhances cost-effectiveness and reliability. In this system, the oil pump delivers the precise amount of oil needed for combustion, eliminating the need to return unburned oil to the tank.

Pre-heated Oil: By utilising a one-pipe system, the Tigerloop Bio Combi increases the capacity of the oil pump. The oil is preheated to at least room temperature due to the friction generated in the pump. This preheating results in cleaner combustion and reduced oil consumption, as it eliminates problems associated with cold oil.

Minimised Dirt and Sludge: Since only the amount of oil required for combustion is drawn from the tank, the flow of oil in a one-pipe system is minimal. Consequently, less dirt and sludge are transported from the oil tank, reducing the risk of clogged filters and burner nozzles. This also leads to more effective filtration, less soot buildup, and extended filter life.

  • Nozzle Capacity (l/h) – 110
  • Return Flow Rate (l/h) – 120
  • Max Flow Rate – 230lph
  • Max De-aerating Temp – 60ºc
  • Max/Min Pressure – +0.5/-0.6

Specifcation Sheet – DOWNLOAD HERE

Installation Instructions – DOWNLOAD HERE

  • Tigerloop Combi Bio Fitting Kit (part number: TL6052)

We offer a fitting kit tailored for the Tigerloop Deaerator range, containing all essential components required for seamless internal installation onto your boiler and oil feed line. This kit comprises of two steel braided flexible oil lines, an isolation valve, compression fittings, nuts, olives, and pipe inserts.

  • Replacement filter (part number: TL7000-C-F)