Float Gauge for Fuel Tanks

Part Number: D1620


  • Suitable for both oil and diesel/fuel tanks
  • Available for 3ft, 4ft or 6ft deep tanks
  • Suitable for tanks up to 2M deep

These float-operated gauges are suitable for oil and diesel/fuel tanks, specifically designed for 4-foot tanks. Additionally, an adjustable universal version is available, accommodating tanks up to 2 meters deep, with adjustments made via a screw control on the side of the dial face cover.

Operating as per their name, these gauges feature a float that moves up and down with the oil level. Connected to the gauge atop the tank via a string, the float’s movement determines the gauge’s reading. These gauges are commonly referred to as float-on-a-rope or cat-and-mouse gauges.

Please note: Some sizes come with a square body while others feature a round body. The universal version measures in centimetres instead of displaying the ‘Full-3/4-1/2-1/4-Empty’ markings found on fixed-depth versions.

To simplify installation, a ‘Combivent’ fitting is available, which fits over a 2-inch vent pipe and provides a 1-1/2-inch female thread for easy screwing of the gauge. The gauge itself features a 1-1/2-inch BSP male threaded attachment for tank mounting.

  • Tank Depth: 3ft Deep Tank, 4ft Deep Tank, 6ft Deep Tank, 0-2000mm Deep Tank (Adjustable)
  • Brand: Watts Industries
  • Connection size – 1 1/2″ BSP
  • Suitable for tanks up to 2m
  • Easy to use and install
  • Choice of display type 

2 Models Available:

  • 4ft / 1.22m Float Gauge (Product code: D1600)
  • Universal 6.5ft / 0-2m (Product code: D1620)

Combivent Fitting (Product code: V6164)

Specification Sheet – DOWNLOAD HERE