Drum Gauges

Part Number: DG1910


  • 3/8” BSP tank connection
  • Comes with 2ft PVC sight tube
  • Plastic & Metal tap options
  • Suitable for fuels, light oils, light medium oils

Drum Gauges for 205 Litre Drums

2ft PVC Sight Tube & PVC Shield, various taps available.

For oils, fuels, and other thin viscosity liquids which are not aggressive to the gauge’s component materials.


  • Type A – 3/4” Drum Gauge with PVC Plastic Tap c/w 2ft Sight Gauge
  • Type B – 3/4” Drum Gauge with Metal Tap c/w 2ft Sight Gauge
  • Type C – 3/4” Drum Gauge with Self-Closing Metal Tap c/w 2ft Sight Gauge

Drum Taps Only are also available:

  • 3/4” Metal Tap Only
  • 3/4” Self-Closing Tap Only
  • 3/4” Plastic Tap Only

Specification Sheet – DOWNLOAD HERE