Anti Siphon Valves

Anti-siphon valves are a safety device designed to prevent the unintentional siphoning or backflow of oil from a heating oil tank. Its primary purpose is to protect the integrity of the fuel supply system and reduce the risk of environmental contamination or spills.

The anti-siphon valve is a critical component installed on the oil supply line between the heating oil tank and the burner or heating system. Its primary function is to permit the flow of oil in one direction towards the burner while preventing backflow in the opposite direction.

Key functions of the anti-siphon valve include:

  1. Preventing Siphoning: It safeguards against the creation of a siphon effect caused by pressure imbalances or vacuums in the system, ensuring that oil flows only in the intended direction.
  2. Spill Protection: By obstructing backflow, the valve helps prevent accidental spills or leaks that could result from oil flowing back into the tank, promoting environmental and safety standards.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Many jurisdictions mandate the installation of anti-siphon valves to uphold the safe operation of oil heating systems and mitigate the risk of environmental harm.
  4. Air Intake: Anti-siphon valves often integrate an air intake feature, allowing air to enter the oil supply line as necessary to prevent vacuum formation and maintain system pressure equilibrium.

It’s essential to recognize that anti-siphon valves may vary in design and features, necessitating careful selection and installation in accordance with local codes and regulations. Routine maintenance and inspection are advisable to ensure these valves remain operational and continue to provide requisite safety measures for oil heating systems.

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