GPI RP-10 Rotary Hand Pump Kit for Diesel and Petrol

Part Number: GP123000-06


  • Flow Rate – Up to 10 GPM (38 LPM) at 100 RPM
  • Inlet/Outlet – 1″ Inlet, 3/4″ outlet
  • Tank Adapter – 2″ NPT
  • Hose – 8ft (2.4m) 3/4″ Nitrile
  • Suction Pipe – Adjustable 22 – 40″
  • Approvals – UL, Not Approved for Use with Aviation Fuel

Capable of delivering up to 10 gallons per 100 revolutions, this device features a metal nozzle and a UL Listed gasoline hose equipped with a stainless steel static wire, spanning 8 feet (2.5 meters) in length and measuring 3/4 inch in diameter. Its telescopic suction pipe is adjustable to 40 inches.

For added security, it includes rotary action and handle locks. It’s designed to handle various fluids including diesel fuel (biodiesel blends up to B20), gasoline (alcohol blends up to E15), hydraulic fluid, kerosene, and oil (up to 30 wt).

While this product holds UL listing, which is the US equivalent of ATEX, it lacks ATEX certification.

  • Includes he RP-10-UL Up to 10 gallons per 100 revolutions hand pump
  • anti-siphon valve
  • dispensing hose
  • telescoping suction pipe
  • nozzle
  • bung adapter
  • handle locking cable
  • Fluid Type – Diesel, HVO, Kerosene / Heating Oil, Oil, Petrol, Water

Owners Manual – DOWNLOAD HERE

GPI RP-10 Overhaul Service Kit (Part number: GP123503-1)