Piusi Suzzara Blue Portable 12v AdBlue® Pump Kit

Part Number: P8-F00201AA0


  • Suitable for AdBlue®
  • Duty cycle: 20 mins
  • Max flow – 36lpm
  • Available in 12v
  • Includes 6m delivery & 1.5m suction hose, foot valve

Thanks to its reliability and ease of use, SUZZARABLUE PORTABLE KIT is used in all those cases in which the dispensing or transfer of AdBlue® is required in special conditions or when only a battery power supply is available.

SUZZARABLUE PORTABLE KIT for AdBlue® is the most suitable solution to transfer and fill AdBlue®/DEF quickly, cleanly, in any condition.


AdBlue® improves the performance of the diesel engine, reduces fuel consumption and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions produced by exhaust gases, thus preserving the environment according to the demanding specifications of ISO 22241.

Contamination of the solution occurs with poor quality materials, which is why the Suzzarablue portable kit guarantees quality by PIUSI’s Italian engineering.

The AdBlue® SUZZARABLUE PORTABLE transfer kit is equipped with SUZZARABLUE PUMP DC diaphragm electric pump with 12 V or 230 V motor without dynamic gaskets, SUZZARABLUE Manual nozzle in polyethylene, bottom valve that ensures a unidirectional flow, and terminal box with switch and fuse for overload protection. The kit is completed by 2 m. cables with battery connection pliers, 6 m. hose with 3/4″ diameter, and suction kit with 1.5 m EPDM hose.

With a flow rate of up to 30 l/min, and a duty cycle of up to 20 minutes of operation, the AdBlue® SUZZARABLUE PORTABLE transfer kit is a portable AdBlue® transfer unit that provides a reliable industrial pump with self-priming capabilities. The solution is suitable for workshops that need a AdBlue® dispensing system that is both easy to install and simple to use, while at the same time looking for a quality product that is reliable over time.

Specification Sheet – DOWNLOAD HERE