IBC Pump Kit For DEF/AdBlue®


  • Available with an automatic or manual nozzle
  • 4m delivery hose
  • Available in 12v, 24v, 110v & 230v
  • 1m suction hose
  • Maximum flow rate: 30ltr Per Min
  • Optional K24 flow meter
  • 20 minute duty cycle on/off

Self priming diaphragm pump mounted on an IBC hanging plate. The pump comes complete with 4m of delivery hose and 1m of suction hose, including SEC adaptor for IBC connection. These pumps are available with automatic or manual nozzle and has the option of adding an inline digital flow meter.

With a flow rate of 30lpm and 1” connection, this can be used in a kit with either and automatic or manual nozzle. We offer the full range of AdBlue transfer pumps with all voltages from 12v, 24v, 230v, 110v.

Suitable for the transfer of AdBlue® / Urea / DEF.

We can supply these pumps individually or as part of various kits.

IMPORTANT: These pumps have been designed for intermittent use and a 20 minute duty on/off cycle (to allow the pump to cool down).
Functioning under bypass conditions is only allowed for short periods of time (3 minutes MAX).

Specification Sheet – DOWNLOAD HERE

Installation Instructions – DOWNLOAD HERE